Welcome to the pages dedicated to the "Vaquilla del Angel " festival in the city of Teruel in Spain.

I'm sorry but I don't have many time for a complete translation of this Pages, but in the other hand I think if you look inside you will get the feeling of our festival of bull running.

I don't want to argue  about the suffering of bulls in this kind of festivals, but you must consider that this kind of bulls will disappear if bull fighting festivals are stopped, is very expensive to make such bulls just for food, and in the other hand, if I was animal I will prefer living like a "bravo" bull in a big farm and suffering 30 minutes that to be a chicken or a pig  in this farms which are a real prison for all their lives.

Anyhow this is our culture and I'm sure, if one day you visit us in those days you will make a lot of friends and probably you will feel better than home.

Alfredo Blasco